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1.55um Erbium Glass based Diode Pumped Solid State Laser Transmitters offer LRF designers 100uJ-950uJoule of Energy (25KW to 120KW Peak Power). Miniature and low cost, these devices work with Voxtel RoX receivers to enable LRF application to 25km when used with appropriate Optics.

OEM LRF Modules  (1.5um) - Voxtel . By beam expanding and collimating the High Energy Transmitter range into low divergence pulsed beams of photons, and focussing the returned photons onto the Low Noise RoX receivers, Voxtel has single pulse time of Flight eye safe OEM Modules that range to beyond 20KM. These single pulse ToF devices are perfect for applications where either or both the source platform and target are moving, plus where absolute covertness to Image Intensifiers is essential.

Voxtel eye safe LRF Modules Data


Voxtel RoX Uncooled APD LRF receivers. World leading InGaAs APDs directly bonded to a low noise ASICs containing pre-amplficiation, post amplification, threshold detection, temperature sensing and a micro-controller allow the uncooled RoX to outperform cooled solutions by offering <40 photon NEI levels. Voxtel InGaAs Reecivers & Si PMTs

OEM LRF Modules (905nm)  - Askion

By using many low energy pulses that are integrated and processed by a state of the art DSP, Askion takes the eye safety limits of 905nm to beyond 3,000m with its DMM-1016 and DMM-1025 Series OEM LRF Modules.

Askion OEM LRF Module Data

2-D InGaAs Focal Plane Arrays - Voxtel

The undisputable leader in 2-D InGaAs Focal Plane Arrays and their complimentary Read-Out IC's for LRF and LIDAR, Voxtel has Pin based and APD based 128x128 array products with ultra low noise, high speed Read-Outs offering market leading sensitivity, accuracy and resolution.

Voxtel Focal Plane Arrays Data

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