With 38 years experience working within the Photonics Industry as a partner, Supplier & Customer of OEM's in the UK, EU and US, Photonsens has a deep technical understanding of the market drivers within:

  • Laser Diodes
  • Fibre Lasers
  • Solid State Lasers
  • Laser Rangefinders
  • Lidar/Ladar detection sensors and systems
  • Photon Counting Modules
  • Photodetectors fabricated from materials that detect photons from UV to Far-IR such as InGaAs, Silicon, PbSe, HgCdTe
  • Optics & Filters

Photonsens provides three services:

1. Technical Sales Representation. We proudly represent world leaders in their fields of expertise as their local Sales and technical support Channel. With our partners, Photonsens delivers the products you need to maintain your source of competitive advantage in your field of expertise. Acting as an Independent Technical Representative, Photonsens supports you through the full design and production life cycle with prompt and accurate support.

2. Intellectual Property development in LRF signal processing

With the advent of EN60825-1:2014 Near-IR Laser Diodes used in the majority of commercial LRF modules have severe limitations placed upon them in terms of peak power. This in turn seriously limits the single pulse time of flight range achievable. Traditional single pulse ToF sensors also lack the mm precision required in some applications. Signal correlation techniques are a well established but traditionally expensive way of improving Signal to Noise and range accuracy/resolution. Photonsens is developing Intellectual Property to enable Class 1 LRF performance with mm precision within a low cost micro-controller. The Intellectual Property Photonsens is developing aims to triple the eye safe range and increase range precision to <2mm levels. The business model intended is partnership based technology licensing. We believe we will be able to offer a 2,000metre miniature LRF, Class 1 with 2mm precision with a BoM cost of $34 including optics, optical bench, laser, apd, pcba and optics.

3. Electronics & Optics Consulting service in the field of drivers and interfaces to and between Lasers and Photodetectors.


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