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Photonsens is proud to announce that it has entered into a represention agreement with Coherent Dilas GmbH, offering the Laser Diode Product Lines of the premier manufacturer of High Power Laser Diodes to the UK and Ireland.


Encompassing a superb range of Single Emitter, Bar based and Tapered Amplifier based products spanning from 405nm to 2400nm, Dilas offers the Solid State Laser, Fibre Laser, Scientific and Instruments markets a leading value proposition of performance, quality, price and service.


For information on Coherent Dilas products please visit



Beaverton, OR based Voxtel undoubtedly leads the world in the field of LRF and Lidar detector/Read Out IC Technology. Utilising its intimate knowledge of InGaAs material and many years of history developing Imaging based ASIC technology, the worlds best low noise single element receivers, focal plane arrays and LRF Modules.


Working in the eye safe, covert 1550nm spectrum, their products are designed for the most demanding LRF and Lidar applications. For more see:

Askion GmbH develops and manufactures 905nm based micro-sized LRF modules that use complex multiple pulse Time of Flight processing algorithms to resolve the lowest possible return energies. The result is miniscule, light weight Class 1 eye-safe modules that can range well beyond the capabilities of single pulse ToF devices. The DMM series has options that range to 3,000metres and beyond. Please visit :


Photonsens is the UK partner for Singapore based Denselight Semiconductors (now part of POET Technologies) in the promotion of its state of the art Photonics engines which include SLD (Superluminescent Diodes), Broadband Lightsources and Narrow Linewidth DFB Modules. These are globally used in Scientific, Fibre Sensing, Lidar, Medical, Datacommunications and Instrumentation applications.


Information on Denselight products can be found at


Pacer International is one of the UK's largest and leading suppliers of Optoelectronics products. Combining a strong heritage in Distribution with a state of the art manufacturing centre, Pacer is unique in its Modus Operandi. Pacer's partners are market leaders in their fields.


Photonsens has 23 years experience working with the team and products at Pacer, having spent a long happy period working with a wide range of Photonics technologies including Supercontinuum Lasers, DPSS Lasers, Semiconductor Laser Diodes, Photon Counting Modules, Liquid Lenses and many more leading technologies. Photonsens continues to provide Strategic Business Development to Pacer. Please visit




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